Don’t let your incontinence hold you back!

On this Women’s Day 2017, one of the main change that has to happen is the awareness that must be brought to women’s hygiene issues. Incontinence is a lot more than a hygiene issue. It speaks to the wellness of the women and how much they can enjoy their life when freed from this condition. A recent article by Magnus Groth in The Huffington Post We Need To Talk: It’s Time For Bold Changes To Support Women On Hygiene Matters, speaks about such changes.

Surprisingly, many of the patients who come to our clinic wished that they had sought help much earlier in their life. Our premier clinic can quickly diagnose the type of incontinence, discuss and select the best option. Getting quickly back into their active lifestyle is routine for our patients.

Kumar Swaminathan Kumar is a seasoned Healthcare technology executive with more than 30 years of experience. He is currently the Chief Revenue Office of in Los Angeles

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