Importance of taking Vitamin D during Pregnancy

According to a recent study by American Academy of Pediatrics, women who take a high dose of Vitamin D while pregnant is not only safe for mother and baby, but it greatly reduces the risk of preterm birth, infection and gestational diabetes. Recent studies have shown that vitamin D deficiency during pregnancy is a serious public health issue. The food you normally eat is not a sufficient source of Vitamin D. People also don’t get enough direct sunlight exposure, the other source of Vitamin D. So, the natural alternative is supplements. The prenatal vitamins that you normally take does not contain enough Vitamin D.

The most important factor in taking Vitamin D supplements is how well your body absorbs it. Most over the counter supplements have very low absorption rates. Vitamin D also needs to be taken with other supplements like K2, Pro-biotics and Omega III fish oil for maximum absorption that is most beneficial to you.

Call the office, or visit  to schedule an appointment to test your Vitamin D levels and plan an effective plan to bring the Vitamin D level to where it needs to be – For the benefit of you and your baby.



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