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Prema Kothandaraman, MD

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More than 8 million women in the US experience loss of bowel control, also known as Fecal Incontinence (FI), at least monthly1. Accidents can range from small stains in your underwear, to complete accidental bowel movements. Some women experience urgency, a sudden, strong urge to have a bowel movement, while others may experience passive soiling and pass stool without knowing it. If you are struggling with loss of bowel control, please call the office immediately and make an appointment today as there are multiple treatment options for this embarrassing condition. This is not just a normal part of aging, but it is common for women.

Loss of Bowel Control Q & A

What are the symptoms of loss of bowel control?

Symptoms associated with loss of bowel control can vary. You may experience urgency, a strong, sudden urge to have a bowel movement. Maybe this causes you to constantly be going to the bathroom and therefore cause you to plan your life around bathroom locations. Even if you’re really good at avoiding accidents this way, it’s still an issue worth treating. Sometimes, accidents are merely staining in undergarments. Other times, patients can experience incomplete emptying, a feeling that you didn’t get everything out while going to the restroom, and remaining stool may leak out later. All these symptoms point to issues with loss of bowel control and can be improved or solved with the right treatment. 

What treatment options are there?

There are many treatment options available, ranging anywhere from behavioral modifications to surgery. Oftentimes the first step is dietary modification, medication, or pelvic floor exercises. For female patients, a non-surgical vaginal insert called the Eclipse System is available. There are also some surgical options such as sphincteroplasty or a sacral nerve stimulation implant.

The Eclipse System

The Eclipse System is a non-surgical therapy designed for a woman’s body, offering immediate results for loss of bowel control. The system consists of a vaginal insert which, when inflated, prevents the passage of unwanted stool; when deflated, stool can be passed normally. The insert is comfortable and can easily be inserted or removed anytime, offering immediate results while worn. Ths is an in office procedure that is done in few minutes, it is painless and has no down time.



You can learn more by visiting www.eclipsesystem.com or by scheduling a consultation with our office.