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Prema Kothandaraman, MD

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New mothers are often surprised by the physical changes they experience after giving birth. Built up stress, hormones, and sheer physical trauma can cause changes in a woman’s vagina, weight, breasts, and even skin quality. For the mother in need of a little TLC, Prema Kothandaraman MD can provide a series of TempSure™ Vitalia and Envi touch-ups Arcadia, California, giving you back your pre-childbirth body. If you want to hear more about your own Mommy Makeover, call the office or book your consultation online.

Mommy Makeover Q & A

How does my body change after childbirth?

The biological changes that occur in your body that aid your child's development often affect your figure. Likewise, as your body returns to its prior state following birth, further changes can shape your appearance and how your body functions. Some of the most common changes you might experience include:

  • Weight fluctuations during and after pregnancy
  • Changes to the size, weight, and location of the uterus
  • Physical changes to the vagina, including size, softness, and lubrication
  • Changes to the condition of your skin, including dryness or acne breakouts
  • Sensitivity and size changes to your breasts

What is included in a Mommy Makeover?

The Mommy Makeover is a customizable procedure that addresses some of the physical concerns you might have as a new mother. These procedures include:

TempSure Envi

Using the TempSure™ Envi, Dr. Kothandaraman reduces the wrinkles and stretch marks you might experience following pregnancy.

TempSureTM Vitalia

Dryness and other types of discomfort you might experience after giving birth are easily treatable with a gentle treatment of TempSureTM Vitalia radiofrequency therapy.


Your body needs to recover following pregnancy and vitamin deficiency is a common problem for new mothers. Dr. Kothandaraman offers several types of vitamins and supplements, such as nutraMetrix Vitamin D3, probiotics, and fish oil to support your body during recovery.

How does a Mommy Makeover work?

After discussing your options with Dr. Kothandaraman, you can arrange a date for the procedure that suits your schedule.

How should I prepare for my Mommy Makeover?

Provided you’re in good health, are near your ideal body weight, and have realistic expectations about your makeover, you’re a great candidate for these treatments.

Something you should think about before scheduling your makeover is whether you want to get pregnant again in the future. Naturally, your Mommy Makeover won't prevent additional physical changes associated with another pregnancy, so it may be wise to hold off on your makeover until you’re certain you won’t get pregnant in the future.  

Wish you had your pre-baby body back? Call the office in Arcadia, California, to schedule your consultation or book an appointment online.

*Individual results may vary