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While sex is meant to be a pleasurable activity between lovers, nearly 20% of American women suffer from painful intercourse. One of the most common contributors to painful sex is lack of proper lubrication, a condition worsened as women approach menopause and beyond. If you’ve been suffering from dryness or painful intercourse, the office of Prema Kothandaraman MD provides TempSure™ Vitalia vaginal rejuvenation to alleviate your dryness and restore your sexual health and confidence. If you want to learn more, call the office in Arcadia, California to book your consultation or schedule one online.

Vaginal Dryness/Painful Intercourse

What causes vaginal dryness?

Vaginal dryness typically correlates with low levels of estrogen in your body. Since your estrogen levels naturally dip during menopause, roughly one out of three women experiencing menopause eventually suffer from vaginal dryness.

While menopause is one of the largest contributors to low estrogen, other risk factors include:

  • Childbirth
  • Breastfeeding
  • Certain medications
  • Radiation or chemotherapy

What are the side effects of vaginal dryness?

Vaginal dryness is rarely a severe condition, but you’ll likely find sexual intercourse very uncomfortable or even painful during periods of dryness.

Besides sex, symptoms of vaginal dryness, such as itching or a burning sensation, can make getting through the day fairly uncomfortable, to the point where you stop performing specific activities.

How is vaginal dryness treated?

As dryness is a common gynecological issue, Dr. Kothandaraman is familiar with various treatment options for vaginal dryness. For the most common cause of vaginal dryness (low estrogen), Dr. Kothandaraman offers a topical estrogen supplement that comes in a few forms.

TempSure Vitalia

TempSure™ Vitalia vaginal rejuvenation is a fast and elegant treatment for vaginal dryness and sagginess. During Vitalia treatment, Dr. Kothandaraman uses the small Vitalia wand to apply safe radiofrequency (RF) waves to your vaginal tissue. These RF waves stimulate your body’s natural collagen production, helping reduce dryness and promote a more youthful appearance.

Your Vitalia treatment takes no more than 30 minutes and you should see results immediately, as well as continuing improvements for up to three months following your treatment.

Vaginal Ring

Dr. Kothandaraman inserts a small vaginal ring into your vagina which slowly releases estrogen into your body. This ring is small and soft, so you shouldn’t notice any discomfort after it’s implanted.


You can deliver tablets of estrogen directly into your vagina using a small applicator. You typically insert these once a day, and these can easily be done by yourself at home.


Similar to the estrogen tablet, you can apply a small amount of cream to the inside of your vagina to help regulate your estrogen levels.

Are there any side effects to topical estrogen?

The amount of estrogen delivered for the treatment of vaginal dryness is much lower than other forms of estrogen supplements, such as hormone replacement therapy. As a result, side effects common in estrogen products, such as vaginal bleeding or breast pain, are quite rare.

If you have breast cancer, a history of endometrial cancer, or are pregnant or currently breastfeeding, make sure to mention these issues to Dr. Kothandaraman before treatment.

If you’ve been experiencing painful intercourse and want to find relief, call the office of Dr. Kothandaraman in Arcadia, California, or book your appointment online.

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