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Prema Kothandaraman, MD

OB-GYN located in Arcadia, CA

If you’re suffering from urinary incontinence, you’re not alone. According to The National Association for Continence, roughly 1 out of 3 women over the age of 45 suffer from stress urinary incontinence, and nearly 17% of women over the age of 18 suffer from an overactive bladder. Prema Kothandaraman MD -- practicing in Arcadia, California -- is a board-certified OB/GYN who specializes in urogynecology and the treatment of urinary incontinence using the TempSureTM Vitalia rejuvenation device. If you suffer from incontinence, Dr. Kothandaraman is here to help. Call the office to schedule your consultation or book your appointment online.

Urinary Incontinence Q & A

Why do women get urinary incontinence?

As women age, their risk for urinary incontinence increases. This may occur due to a loss of strength or tone in the muscles that help control bladder. However, urinary incontinence may also be caused by major life events, particularly those unique to women. The most common include:


Pregnancy and childbirth often weaken your pelvic floor, which increases your risk for “slippage” when performing activities that put pressure on your abdomen, such as picking up items or even sneezing.


As you enter menopause, your body stops producing as much estrogen as before. This causes a thinning in the lining of your urethra, which when combined with weakened muscles, may make you more susceptible to incontinence.

Urinary tract infections

Infections of your urinary tract can irritate your bladder, creating a strong urge to urinate. Damage to this area may also weaken the muscles that help control your natural urination habits.

What are the types of incontinence?

There are several types of incontinence, but stress incontinence and urge incontinence are the two most common.

Stress incontinence occurs when excess pressure on the bladder, such as a sneeze, cough, or lifting an object, causes leakage. Stress incontinence is particularly common if you’re experiencing vaginal atrophy, which may occur during menopause or after childbirth.

If you find yourself unknowingly losing urine, such as during sleep or after a sudden urge to urinate, you may be suffering from urge incontinence. Abnormal nerve signals to the bladder are behind urge incontinence and may be caused by injuries or conditions that affect those nerves.

How does Dr. Kothandaraman treat urinary incontinence?

Dr. Kothandaraman prefers the use of the TempSure Vitalia vaginal rejuvenation device for the treatment of most cases of urinary incontinence. This handheld device uses radiofrequency waves to heat up the tissue inside of your vagina, stimulating collagen and elastin growth.

By bolstering the natural collagen and elastin production in your vagina, it should become stronger, tighter, and better capable of managing incontinence.

Dr. Kothandaraman combines your TempSure Vitalia treatment with a holistic approach to gynecological wellness, supplementing your treatment with a healthy diet and pelvic exercises tailored to your needs.

If you’re suffering from urinary incontinence and looking for a natural solution under the care of an expert, call Dr. Kothandaraman or book your consultation online.

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