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Pelvic Pain

Pelvic Pain Treatment Specialist in Arcadia, and Glendale, CA

Pelvic pain can be caused by problems with the digestive, reproductive, or urinary systems. Some pelvic pain can also be caused by specific muscles or ligaments, such as pulling a hip or pelvic floor muscle. Dr. Prema Kothandaraman, MD at OB-GYN & Incontinence Center provides comprehensive testing and treatment for women who suffer from pelvic pain. For more information, contact us today or book an appointment online. We have convenient locations to serve you in Arcadia, and Glendale, CA.

Pelvic Pain Treatment Specialist Near Me in Arcadia, and Glendale, CA
Pelvic Pain Treatment Specialist Near Me in Arcadia, and Glendale, CA

Table of Contents:

What are the symptoms of pelvic pain?
What causes pelvic pain in females?
How do I know if my pelvic pain is serious?
What type of doctor do you see for pelvic pain?

Pelvic pain is a fairly common problem in women. Its nature and its intensity can fluctuate, and sometimes the cause is unclear. Pelvic pain can be present with no evidence of disease. Pelvic pain can be acute or chronic. It can be a dull ache or shooting pain. It can be constant or recurring. Pelvic pain can originate in the genitals or from other organs in the region of the pelvis. Pelvic pain can also be from psychological foundations.

The OB-GYN and Incontinence Center can help you understand and deal with pelvic pain. Contact us to find out what we have to offer and how we can help.

What are the symptoms of pelvic pain?

There are a number of symptoms of pelvic pain. The symptoms can be an indicator of what the root cause of the health concern is. Some of the symptoms related to pelvic pain are:

• Menstrual Pain
• Menstrual Cramps
• Painful or difficult urination
• Vaginal bleeding, discharge, or spotting
• Diarrhea or constipation
• Bloating or gas
• Pain during intercourse
• Blood in the bowel movement
• Fever or chills
• Pain in the groin
• Pain in the hip

What causes pelvic pain in females?

The pelvis is where the reproductive organs are located. The pelvis is where your abdomen connects to your legs. Pain in the pelvis can reach up into the abdomen, which can make it difficult to determine what the cause of the pain might be. There are a number of health issues that can cause pain in the pelvic region in women.

Pelvic Inflammatory disease is an infection caused by an untreated STD.

Endometriosis can be a serious problem. It often causes various degrees of pain, from mild to severe. The pain is most severe during menstruation. It can also be present during intercourse or during bowel movements.

For some women, ovulation can cause sharp pain when the egg is released from the ovary. Normally this will only last for a few hours.

Menstruation can cause pelvic pain. This is often referred to as period cramps. The severity of this pain can vary from month to month.

Ovarian torsion is when the ovary twists on its spindle. The pain might be accompanied by nausea and vomiting. This is a medical emergency that usually needs immediate surgery.

Ovarian cysts do not always cause symptoms. When they become large, they can cause dull or sharp pains in the pelvic region. The feeling of being bloated or heaviness may also indicate cysts. When a cyst ruptures, it will be accompanied by a sudden sharp pain. If you get this kind of pain, seek help. Normally, cysts will go away on their own. If there is an indication that there is a large cyst, the doctor may recommend that it be removed.

Uterine fibroids are generally benign. Symptoms will be based on the location and size of the fibrous growth. Many women will not be aware that these are present. Large fibrous growths can cause dull pain in the pelvis.

Cancers related to the reproductive organs can cause pain; cancers of the uterus, cervix, endometrium, and ovaries can be the cause of pelvic pain.

How do I know if my pelvic pain is serious?

It can sometimes be difficult to determine if the pelvic pain you feel is serious and requires needed attention. Seeing a doctor on a regular basis and being able to talk about your pain will be a good starting point. Regular gynecological exams will help in determining what may be happening.

It can be a good idea to keep track of your symptoms and the pain you are experiencing. Keeping a record of these can help pin your discussion with your doctor and help them get a better understanding of what you are dealing with. To diagnose problems that are causing pain in the pelvis will likely require multiple disciplinary teams. The Gynecology/Urogynecology Doctor may order a number of tests to help come to the proper diagnosis.

What type of doctor do you see for pelvic pain?

It is best to see a gynecologist if you are experiencing pelvic pain. Even if you’re not feeling pelvic pain, it’s still a good idea to see a gynecologist; regular check-ups will be your best option for long-term good health.  The OB-GYN & Incontinence Center in Arcadia, CA specializes in these kinds of issues. We are a health center that focuses on women’s health and can deal with most of the issues that women face. For more information, call or book an appointment online with our Gynecology/Urogynecology Doctor, or visit our clinic. We have convenient locations to serve you. We look forward to serving you! We serve patients from Arcadia CA, Glendale CA, Monrovia CA, Pasadena CA, Los Angeles CA, Burbank CA, and surrounding areas.

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